Data from Downtown Area

Diagram #2, 2010

Hundred flags waving against the Mafia Sunday, May 23 in Piazza Magione, symbolizing the different ethnic groups of the Primary Schools in Palermo.

“The new foreign communities, uprooted but present in the national territory, can be immune from the contagion of the mafia culture, if correctly supported, because they are too distant from the local custom of blackmail”. It is based on this conviction the performance produced by Palazzo Riso as part of the demonstrations commemorating the Capaci Bombing, the killing of Giuseppe Falcone, perhaps the most prominent prosecutor magistrate of the Antimafia Pool, in 1992.

“Data from Downtown Area”, the performance conceived by Federico Baronello will involve the high school students coming from all over the country to assist the speech of the anti-mafia magistrate Vittorio Teresi. Students are invited to wave flags of different colors, each representing in percentage the different ethnic groups present in the Primary Schools of Palermo’s downtown area. The work’s main concept is that the fight against the Mafia also comes from the integration of different cultures. “Mafia power is a violent device, based on peculiar historical premises that allow part of a community to take advantage of the other. This device can break down if (also cultural) circumstances that reproduce these models stop. I believe that the ever-increasing presence of foreigners in our society may be one of those essential discontinuity factors help stopping the reproduction of mafia culture “.

The results from the Primary Schools of Palermo’s downtown area survey are laid out on a fourth-dimensional chart consisting of 100 colored and waving flags, 28 of which are green for Islam (the regions from the Maghreb to Bangladesh), 13 red for EurAsia (from the Balkans to China ), 14 amaranth for the Indian regions (Sri Lanka and Mauritius), 10 yellow for the African-American communities and 35 blue for Europe.

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